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Smith Canal levees do not meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) minimum level of flood protection. In addition, a pump station that is required to keep flood waters away from your property is old and falling apart and must be replaced. As a result, FEMA has placed your property in a high-risk flood zone. In that case:

  • You are required to purchase flood insurance at rates as high as $3,300 per year, if you have a mortgage. Congress recently passed legislation that will result in big rate increases for flood insurance. Some people now paying hundreds of dollars per year could wind up paying thousands.

  • Building restrictions will prevent new construction, and repairs and upgrades that equal more than 50 percent of your home's value, unless the structures are elevated by as much as 10 feet.

  • Property values may be impacted, and it may become more difficult to sell your home, especially if your buyer needs a mortgage. Mortgaged properties are required to have flood insurance.

In order to remove properties from a high-risk flood zone, two projects must be constructed:

  1. The San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency (SJAFCA) - in partnership with Reclamation Districts (RD) 1614 and 828 - is planning to build, operate and maintain the Smith Canal Gate. SJAFCA received a state grant to pay 50% of project design and environmental work ($4.8 million total cost). However, the remaining half must be funded locally (the local cost share). The state has several programs under which SJAFCA can also seek funding for up to 55% of project construction costs once a design and the environmental work is completed.

  2. Separately, RD 1614 is planning to replace the failing Wisconsin Pump Station with a new station designed to meet current pumping requirements. RD 1614, in partnership with the Stockton East Water District, is seeking a state grant to pay for 50% of the project costs ($2.6 million total). The property assessment would fund the remaining share ($1.3 million).

To pay the required local cost share for the design and construction of the projects, SJAFCA - separately RD 1614 - are proposing to assess properties that benefit from these projects since they do not have funds to construct either project. Properties assessed will benefit from avoided flood damages. This means:

  • High-cost flood insrance will not be required. However, property owners are strongly encouraged to purchase flood insurance, and can do so at much lower (preferred) rates.

  • Structures will not have to be elevated for new construction, or repairs and upgrades.

  • Property values may be protected as a result of having stronger flood protection.

Questions? Call the Assessment Hotline at 209-487-1387.

Smith Canal Gate

Every property's proposed assessment is different, based upon the following factors:

  • Type of property (single-family or multifamily residential, vacant, commercial, government, etc.)

  • Size of parcel (.20 acre, half acre, etc.)

  • Size of structures on the property (in square feet)

  • Amount of flood depth reduction as a result of the project (measured in 2-foot increments)

Wisconsin Pump Station

Every property's proposed assessment is different, based upon the following factors:

  • A runoff factor based on the type of property (single-family or multifamily residential, vacant, commercial, government, etc.)

  • Size of the parcel (.20 acre, half acre, etc.)

When both assessments are considered, the combined Single Family Residential assessments average $326 per year. Some assessments will be lower and other higher, depending upon the type of property, size of the parcel, size of structures on the property, and the flood depth reduction.

Questions? Call the Assessment Hotline at 209-487-1387.

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